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KOH CHANG | the lonely island

How to get there

I took the night bus from Bangkok Ekkamai Bus Station that departed at 11:30 PM. I arrived at Trat Bus Station at 3:45 AM and took a small pick up taxi (Songthaew), but I didn’t quite know where we were heading. Apparently we arrived at a company that sold tickets for a minivan that would take us on the ferry and bring us to our accomodations on the island. So after a while we got on the minivan and drove to the Trat center point pier to get on the ferry to Koh Chang. After approximately half an hour we arrived on the island, got back in the minivan and the driver dropped us off at all of our different accomodations.

Koh Chang HTGT

Beaches & Accomodations

To decide which hotel or guest house to book, it’s important to know about the many different beaches on Koh Chang. I’ll tell you about the three beaches I’ve seen.

I went to White Sand Beach one day, which is like the prinicipal area and the most developed and touristy spot you can find on the island. But I didn’t like the sand on the beach and it also was a lot dirtier than other beaches I’ve seen.

Kai Bae Beach isn’t really a special beach, there’s actually a little bit of everything. Good for families, for couples, for older people but also for backpackers.

Lonely Beach is considered the „backpacker beach“ and it’s the part of the island where my bungalow was located and I have to say, it was really the nicest beach I’ve seen on Koh Chang. The sand is super soft, it’s really clean and there are many nice people working there. So my accomodation was called „Siam Huts Lonely Beach“ and you could choose between cheaper fan bungalows (350 Baht) or bungalows with aircon, which were a little bit more expensive (550 Baht).

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

I spent most of time at the beach restaurant of the Lonely Beach Nature Resort, eating very good thai food, sippin on coconuts, making new friends and laying back. I often also ate at my hostel’s restaurant, I just told them that I’m a vegetarian and they made every dish I could dream of without meat. But there are sooo many good street food kitchens in Thailand, that it’s hard to make any suggestions. Go out there and find out what you love!

The two bars you definitely have to visit are „Himmel Bar“ and „Tingtong Bar“. Just do it.

What else to do

First of all, a DON’T DO: Do not rent a motorbike on Koh Chang, if you’re not experienced in riding through serpentines. And even if you are – I promise you, this is on a whole other level! Every third person I met (even the locals) had an injury and scars because of motorbike accidents.

I have to be honest with you – I didn’t do much in these four days that I’ve been on Koh Chang. I just enjoyed the beach and relaxed a lot, because it was my first destination after busy Bangkok, after busy Germany. And it is also a very good place for just that. But there’s much more to do on this beautiful island.

The islands have many nice viewpoints to see the ocean and the surrounding islands from. If you dare and drive really, really carefully, you can reach those with a rented motorbike. If not, just take one of the songthaews driving around on the island.

The waterfalls on the island must be really breathtaking too. I couldn’t go see them because the day I actually planned on going there was my last full day and the weather was shit, so I sadly missed out on that part. But I’ve seen many pictures that people I met there took of the waterfalls and seriously – I’m jealous I couldn’t see them with my own eyes.

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