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KOH SAMET | A weekend trip

Koh Samet

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I don’t really know how to describe my trip to Koh Samet. It was a little bit of everything. A little bit quiet, a little bit too crowded, a little bit bad sometimes. And it was the moment I realized for the first time that I don’t like the Thai islands because the tourism just spoils them in a really bad way. This isn’t the real Thailand. But the usual tourist will still love it, because you can get the perfect photo to make your friends and followers on social media jealous. But I still enjoyed it in a way – partyingwise. So that’s what I’ll tell you about. I was on Koh Samet on a very big national holiday, it was the 1st anniversary of the King’s death. I probably already told you about it, but he was the most admired king in the history of Thailand and probably in the whole world ever, and at that time it was hard for me to understand why. But how I found out later, he was a really big inspiration for the people. He was extremely smart, good at sciences and played every instrument nearly perfect – he was an idol that people could look up to. So it’s somehow understandable that every day that is somehow connected to him is a holiday. That means no loud music, no alcohol, no partying.

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How to get there

Wherever you are, just ask around. There’s such a good infrastructure to get from one point to another, so there will always be an option to get to the place where you want to go. Just don’t be shy and ask the locals, they will know better than the internet due to the changes that are made from one day to another sometimes. Just ask for „Ban Phe“ or „Koh Samed“. But to give you a point of reference, I’ll show you some ways, especially to get a glimpse on the to get there

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Where to stay

Koh Samet isn’t really big. I stayed in two hostels in the city center and both were really recommendable. In fact, the first hostel I stayed in was one of the best so far. It’s called Runa Runa Guesthouse and I really enjoyed staying alone in the modern 6-bed-dorm. You’ll get free coffee, water and a perfectly equipped, spacious room. And it’s really affordable. It was a very good choice. I decided to stay one more night on Koh Samet, but they were booked out this next night, so I had to move. Of course it started to rain as if the world would come to an end RIGHT at the minute I had to check out. But I somehow made my way to the reception and waited for the rain to lessen. I found a really cheap hotel on Agoda called Chic Hotel, where I got a double-bed room for around 250 THB.

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Restaurants & Cafes

I found my favourite cafe right at the minute I arrived on Koh Samet. It’s called Sawasdee CoCo and is directly located at the beach called Ao Sai Kaew. I just love the interior. So this is the place where I enjoyed my daily Green Tea with milk. Later on I found another cute cafe in the Koh Samet Center whose name I unfortunately don’t remember. It’s really small and cozy. I’m not sure if the cafe I found on Google Maps is the right one, but its name is Bilbo’s Cafe. I often went to get dinner at Ploy Talay on Ao Sai Kaew, which is the most popular restaurant on Koh Samet – the fire show is amazing! It’s really worth watching that every night at 8 PM. And as always – don’t use the internet as your main source to find places to eat or drink – just walk around and find what you like because most places aren’t listed on Google.

Bars & Clubs

In general, I have to say it’s really nice to get some drinks at one of the many beach clubs and just relax and have some good talks. One bar I can really recommend is Temptation Bar on Ao Hin Khok. They play Reggae beats and have a really nice atmosphere with cute jellyfish-lights hanging from the trees. But if you feel like partying, Koh Samet is a nice place to do so. I can recommend two bars: Naga Bar (Ao Hin Khok) is the bar I spent every night in. They play a lot of Dancehall and Reggaeton, which I love to dance to, but they mix it with some EDM beats sometimes, which is kind of repetitive sometimes but it’s okay to have a good time. What I loved the most is the UV light and the colours they provide to paint your body! I had so much fun doing that! You can see one of my body paintings on the photo below. The second bar is Silversand Bar on Ao Phai. They also have UV lights and play the same music. It’s a little bit more modern and classy than Naga Bar. But girls – be careful! Some of the barkeepers are really keen to get western girlfriends, not only here but everywhere. In general they are not dangerous, but they are really insistent and offensive and sometimes really annoying. Just always be careful and attentious and – I know, it’s sad – you can tell them about your „boyfriend“ even though you might not even have one. That usually helps to make them stay away.

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