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BANGKOK | The Real Big B

Berlin was always my number one Big B. But that opinion changed quite quickly when I arrived in Bangkok. I met some girls from the UK at the airport in Cologne and since our hostels both were pretty close to Khao San Road (the backpacker and party centre), we decided to share a taxi. It was super easy – you just use one of the machines that will print out a number for your taxi. Ask the driver to use the tax-o-meter so he won’t overcharge you, and you’ll be safe.

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I pre-booked one night in a hostel close to Khao San Road, which is called Canale Hostel. It’s located right next to a small canal,  which made it really quiet even though it’s so close to the party life on Khao San. If you’re lucky you’ll see these huge but cute lizards swimming around. They will stay in the water so don’t be scared haha, the only thing you have to be scared of are the mosquitoes! The first thing I did was buying the local repellent (don’t bring Autan or anything, buy it there, it’s better) and it eventually helped me survive! Back to the accomodation: It has two shared rooms and I really liked them. There are good curtains and it really feels like being in a cave. You can also keep your luggage in a locker, so don’t forget to bring a small lock with a code. What I also thought was cute was the ceiling on this floor: It looked like a million small fireflies. I really enjoyed the nights sitting next to the river in beanbags, just talking to other backpackers.

The second hostel was called Adventure Hostel and it’s right next to the BTS station „Saphan Khwai“ and about a ten-minute walk from Chatuchak market. It’s really modern and new I think, the rooms are awesome and very well equipped. There’s a rooftop balcony and a small kitchen in the common area. I can really recommend this one too.



I can’t specifically recommend you any restaurant. There are so many small street kitchens, that it’s really impossible to recall their names and quality because all of them were so good! I don’t eat meat, so the risk of getting food poisened is not that big either. But you can actually trust these street kitchens in most cases. As a veggie, you’ll see that it’s kind of hard. If you’re not sure, just ask for „Khao Pad Pak“ (translated by word: „Rice Fried Vegetables“) so it’s fried rice with vegetables and you can find that everywhere. But I found one vegetarian restaurant just outside of Khaosan, it’s called Ethos. It’s really small and cute and you can choose whether to sit on the floor or on chairs. They have a great variation of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Bangkok is a vibrant, exciting, also kind of overwhelming city at first. There’s not a single western city you could compare it to, it’s super unique and different. Especially Khao San Road is exactly like the impression you get from Hangover 3. But it’s so much more than this area. And that’s kind of hard to realize and experience if you’re new to backpacking and Asia in general. If you just lose the fear of using the BTS you’ll experience a lot that the usual tourist might not see.

THE market

My favourite experience in Bangkok was the Chatuchak Market, especially JJ Green which is a vintage/second hand market. I surprised my best friends from Abandoned House there, who played a beneficial concert for stray dogs with their record company Bird Sound and it was crazily good. The atmosphere was awesome. So no matter where you are in Thailand, just keep your eyes open for Bird Sound concerts and Abandoned House – you’ll experience something you’ll never forget. It’s really worth it. Chatuchak Market is a weekend market, so plan to be in Bangkok over a weekend. JJ Green is a more alternative, creative outdoor market.


Live Music

My second favourite experience was our night at PLAY YARD by Studio Bar. That’s one of the best adresses for Alternative and Indie Music in Thailand. They have great live music and you can meet extraordinary, kind and like-minded people there. We went to a concert of the Thai band Modern Dog which is supposed to be „the Thai Radiohead“ (quote by my friend P.Poon) and it was really good. I liked the atmosphere. So if anyone is ever telling you, that Thai live music sucks – just tell them they don’t know anything.


Bangkok’s temples are also really mind-blowing. They are huge, they are pompous, they are everything you’d ever picture in your head when it comes to temples. I loved just walking around the streets, looking at every temple I walked by. Starting at Khao San Road, you can then visit the Wat Bowonniwet Vihara (Wat means temple) and then make your way past the Democracy Monument and Wat Thepthidaram to the Golden Mountain Temple. The view is crazy and it’s just so beautiful. But every temple is just so impressive and calming, I can’t really describe it. You’ll just have to see it yourself.

Bangkok was just so huge and in a way tiring, that I often forgot to take photos or simply didn’t think of taking some. But here are some impressions. If you have specific questions about a photo, just text me:

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